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Recent Blue Varsity News

Fight to the Finish

By Patrick Clarke 02/14/2019, 6:15pm CST

In an Illinois State Tournament game, Blue opposed Loyola Maroon at local Winnetka ice rink. The 9 o'clock hour game featured desire and speed from the drop of the puck. Blue was quite dominant in the first six minutes, yet the score remained at a 0-0 lock until 7 minutes into the contest. Yet, from that point on, play was level with chances on both sides until just before the period had ended when the puck found the back of the net and Maroon took a 1-0 lead into the second frame. Less than a minute into the second period, a successful effort by Dolgun, unassisted, tied the score at 1-1. Yet, a tenacious Maroon team regained the lead just a minute later. Yet the period was not to end that way as with 4 minutes remaining, Blue squared the contest on a Suzue-Pan goal assisted by Goff and Wright. The intermission brought about a resurfacing and the contest subsequently resumed tied at two goals a piece. Halfway through a continued fast and fiercely played third period, Walker used a backhand to give Blue a 3-2 lead, assisted by Schlom. Loyola produced an equalizer a few minutes later and the battle was sent into "sudden-death" overtime.  On a play that placed a lone Loyola player in front of the net, the game was ended by an opposition goal, thus ending league and Illinois play for Blue. Lee faced about 40 shots with great poise and spirited, heartfelt effort.  The fight during the game was extremely noticable and quite a tribute to a team which had faced season long adversity without a let-down. Adversity will be faced by all of these warriors again during their lives, but this season showed that they met the challenge with a recognizable fight to resolve in a most admirable and encouraged way. Thank you to the coaches who helped in their efforts and showed them that leadership, as well, was at the forefront. Well wishes to the seniors in their upcoming transitions in life, well done on your youth and high school hockey accomplishments.  To those with more time at the Winnetka campus, our well wishes for continued success as we look forward to seeing them once again on the local ice and in the community.  A tournament in South Bend, Indiana this weekend is Blue's last stop before the season concludes.

Quite Close

By Patrick Clarke 02/09/2019, 4:00pm CST

In what was the last league game of the year, Blue took on crosstown rival Loyola Gold in an away contest at Heartland Ice Rink.  Blue came out firing on all cylinders which lead to some early production. A Baldwin feed to Mestanas put Blue on top of Gold 1-0 early, just moments into the period. Just 50 seconds later, Shrier netted a Baldwin and Bunge relay to increase Blue's lead to 2-0. Gold managed to answer one goal, midway through the first and another just a minute before the period's end to tie the score 2-2.  In the second, Gold managed to take the lead with the loan goal for the period. In the third, an unclaimed goal with assists to Baldwin and Bunge again tied the score 3-3. Gold took the lead once again with 6 minutes remaining prompting a flurry from Blue in hopes of squaring the contest. An all out effort was unable to produce a point and the game went to Gold 4-3. Net-minder Lee faced 25 shots (at least) in a well played contest.

Baby, it's cold outside!

By Patrick Clarke 01/30/2019, 11:00am CST

On a deep freeze of a Tuesday night, Blue took on Green at local Centennial ice rink in Wilmette. The classmates squared off at 8:45 and play was favoring Green until a break by Dolgun produced a solid shot on goal. The rebound was buried in the back of the net by Gardiner and Blue led 1-0. The score was tied after a Green rebuttal 2 minutes later. The first period was to end with Blue leading 2-1 as Levy was able to net an odd bounce of the puck which put him in the right place at the right time. The flood gates opened in the second as Green's passing lanes and front of net presence led to 6 unanswered goals. With one more tally in the third, the game was concluded and the cold was braved. Students will be studying feverishly with two days of cancelled school due to inclimate weather.  


Men, congratulations on your selection to the 2018-2019 New Trier Hockey Team! You are part of one of the strongest high school hockey programs in the country and should be very proud of your accomplishment.  Playing competitive high school hockey is a major commitment and requires complete discipline and dedication. Adhering to the New Trier Hockey Club Athletic Code of Conduct and the Academic Eligibility Policy is the cornerstone of our success and must be followed at all times.  

If you feel you cannot make this commitment at this time and would like to decline your selection, you must notify your coaches and the Hockey Director within 24 hours of your team posting.  

Again, congratulations and best of luck this season!

-- Mike Brunso, NTHC President

2018-2019 New Trier Blue Roster

Bunge, J.
Levy, K.
McDonald, C.
Walker, T.