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New Trier Hockey Social Media Policies

New Trier Hockey Online and Social Media Policy

For the purposes for this policy, key definitions are as follows:

 Online social networking – an online service, platform, or site that allows users to share information, ideas, comments, events, or media 

New Trier Hockey Membership - people that are directly involved in activities of the organization, including coaches, team managers, team support staff, players, parents, and administrative staff.
The NEW TRIER HOCKEY CLUB understands and appreciates the importance of social networking as it relates to the personal and professional lives of its members and its stakeholders. This immediate and public forum provides unique opportunities for networking and promotion; however, it also provides an unsupervised medium for inappropriate conduct to occur. This conduct may be deemed detrimental to the welfare of New Trier Hockey, its membership and not in the best interests of the game. New Trier Hockey holds its entire membership who participates in online social networking to the same standards as it would with all forms of communication including television, radio and print.
These policies are designed to protect all parties from harassment, bullying, stalking, inappropriate contact or behavior, however they are intended. 

The following are some examples of behavior in online social networking mediums that will result in appropriate disciplinary action at the discretion of the NTHC Rules and Ethics Committee:

  • Posting or divulging confidential information that includes but is not limited to: member’s personal information, contact information, medical conditions, injuries and/or other sensitive matters pertinent to New Trier Hockey and its membership
  • Posting negative or derogatory comments about any of New Trier Hockey’s or competing programs’ staff, programs, members, stakeholders, or program participants
  • Posting photographs, video or comments regarding fights, penalties, or other in-game incidents
  • Posting photographs, video or comments promoting negative influences or criminal behavior including but not limited to: drug use, alcohol abuse, public intoxication, sexual exploitation, etc
  • Participating in any online activity that contradicts the current policies of New Trier Hockey
  • Posting any inappropriate, derogatory, racist, or sexist comments contradictory to New Trier Hockey’s policies on these matters.

 New Trier Hockey Club members should assume at all times that they are representing New Trier Hockey. Members are expected to demonstrate discretion and respect over these sites; if a photo or comment would be inappropriate for all other forms of media, then it should be considered inappropriate for online social networking sites. Any material, comments or actions through these portals deemed inappropriate will be reviewed by the New Trier Hockey Club Rules & Ethics Committee for possible sanctions up to and including suspension and/or expulsion from the program.

Additionally, New Trier Hockey Club will be implementing USA Hockey’s new and innovative Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Communications policy as outlined in the SafeSport handbook.  Please see the resources below for details.