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Congratulations to NT Green as USA Hockey National Championship Finalists!!!

New Trier Green Varsity finished in 2nd place in Division I of USA Hockey's High School National Championship on Monday, April 19. They went 3-0 in pool play and moved on to the quarterfinals to beat Jesuit College Prep, (Texas),  Next, they faced off the semifinals versus Santa Margarita (California) and won 7-1 to advance to the championship game against the Springfield Cardinals of Massachusetts. It was a tough fought battle and unfortunately they came up short 0-3 to the Cardinals. Congratulations to our players and we are proud of your accomplishments this season!

New Trier Green IL State Champions

IL State Champs

 New Trier Green Illinois State Champions

Blue Wins Mini Bubble League Championship 4-2 over Evanston!

 Blue Wins Mini Bubble League Championship 4-2 over Evanston!

Spring Hockey Opportunities

Spring hockey is right around the corner!  We would like to make you aware of some outside opportunities for current and prospective New Trier hockey players to skate.  Consistent with prior years, Coaches Melton and Malstrom will be forming teams to compete in spring hockey leagues.  They will decide the total number of spring teams and the placement of players on those teams based on overall interest.  A player's placement on a particular spring team is solely at the Coaches' discretion and has no impact on their placement the following fall.


These are independent programs run by each coach.  They are in no way affiliated with the New Trier Hockey Club and are therefore not covered by the Club's insurance or operating policies.  Participation in these programs is voluntary and does not impact a player's position within the New Trier Hockey Club. 


Please see below for programs offered. 

Bob Melton Spring Clinics


Spring High School Hockey Clinics - Practices

(At the Winnetka Ice Rink) 

Clinics conducted by NTG, NTW and NT Gray Varsity Coaches Bob Melton-Chad Bidwell-Adam Cheris

14 hrs of ice per group * Priority given to players signing up for both days* Limited to 35 skaters - 4 goalies.  GOALIES 1/2 PRICE.  Players will receive email notification. First paid, first served.  Clinic not affiliated with NTHC.  All questions directed to Coach Melton.  Late registrations not accepted after filled.  Groups A & B divided up by age and ability at Coach Melton's discretion.  

Fun! High Speed! Individual and Team Drills! Small Area Games!  Improve your skills and show off your talent!  Space is limited!

Rob Malstrom’s Trevian Spring Hockey Program

  • Teams will be formed to play competitive high school spring hockey games at both the Varsity and JV levels!

  • Get to see what high school hockey is all about while receiving instruction and tips for next year’s tryouts from NT Varsity and JV coaches!

  • Great way for 8th graders, or other new players to the program, to get to know their NT teammates before tryouts in the fall!

  • 10 games, a few practices, and a lot of fun!

  • Registration materials and check are due by March 1st


2020-2021 PROGRAM BOOK

NTHC Fan Gear Items

Home Ice is busy getting holiday orders completed & ready for pick up.

While most of the items have arrived Jeff is waiting for 1-2 more items to be delivered (hopefully by this Friday).

If you are traveling for the holidays and would like to pick up your items early please call Jeff at Home Ice (224)255-6805 to confirm your order is filled before going to the store.

Extended store hours at Home Ice Winnetka this Friday 10-8PM

COVID friendly pick up is available.


NTHC honors the memory of tom Sampson

 Courtesy of the Wilmette Bike Shop

Courtesy of the Wilmette Bike Shop

The 2020-21 New Trier Hockey Club players are wearing amber ribbons on their helmets to show support for appendix cancer in memory of Thomas Sampson, father of Carter (Green) and Matthew (Gray), who passed away on November 19, 2020.  His courage and strength were an example to all who knew him.  His competitive spirit and pride for New Trier hockey lives on through his boys.  Rest in peace, Tom.


Warm Up & Fan Gear is ready for pick up!
Home Ice - Winnetka
Tuesday-Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-2

NTHC raises $12,730 for the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation!!!

Despite the COVID pandemic New Trier Hockey Players rallied together (social distancing and masks in all)  to continue an 11-year tradition. New Trier Hockey players enjoyed a beautiful fall day scattered across the local community in an effort to fight pediatric cancer. Due to social distancing guidelines collection day locations were cut in half. Players from all six teams – Green, Blue, White, Gray, Junior Varsity 1 and Junior Varsity 2,  - helped to raise both funds and awareness on behalf of the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Cash donations, both collected at various local merchants throughout the community, as well as an online campaign, totaled $12,730 this year (and over $67,000 to date). The money raised will help to make Bear Hugs and other great programs for kids and their families fighting cancer, possible across Illinois.


Thank you again to those NT Hockey families that supported our endeavor and to the local business which graciously allowed us to solicit funds outside of their venues.



Grand Foods Glencoe and Grand Foods Winnetka

Hometown Coffee & Juice

Once Upon  a Bagel

Peet's Coffee

Panera  Wilmette


Congratulations to JV2 who took first prize in overall collections followed by White. Both will receive a team pizza party.



CLOSES Sunday, 9/13/20


Every player is required to have a NTHC warm up jacket. 

Warm up pants are optional but recommended. 

NTG – Forest green

NTB, NTGray, NTW, JV1, JV2 – navy blue

The warm ups are the same as last year, therefore players with existing jackets do not need to purchase new ones.

Link for online sales for warm ups & fan gear:

Home Ice will have a set of sample warm ups at their Winnetka store for players to try on as needed. 

Home Ice

809 Oak Street



10:00am-4:00pm (note extended hours)

Players are encouraged to place their order for warm ups AND fan gear at the same time. Final orders need to be in by Sunday, 9/13/20. 

Home Ice will be carrying some of the more popular items in the store throughout the season but not all items will be available so you should order what you are interested in during this sale. We will be opening another online store in time for the holidays.


CAR MAGNETS - $10 each. Available from Kerry Nelson

People can email me directly to order & coordinate pick up


YARD SIGNS – A form will be sent to families by team managers toward the end of September.

New Trier Hockey Club

Wilmette Centennial Ice Arena Policy

New Trier Hockey Families,

Yesterday we were informed by the Wilmette Park District that Centennial Ice Arena will be imposing certain restrictions for all hockey players.  Players will be required to wear either a full plastic face shield or a cloth mask that covers their nose and mouth while on the ice.   In addition, there will be no locker room access available so players must enter the rink dressed. As always, please bring your own water bottle to the rink and fill out our online screening questions.


SAVE THE DATE!!! 9/26/2020

  • Annual Bear Necessities Collection Day and Online Campaign to support  
  • Saturday, September 26
  • 8:30 am -1:30 pm
  • More info to come


2020-2021 Season Rosters

Green Blue White Gray JV1 JV2
Acri Sauer, B. Smith, T. Dishner Friedman Burnstine
Paul Voycey, L. Cheris, A. Finger Curry Chesney
O'Rourke Flanagan Brunso McAdams Freel Gaechter
Babnik Stewart Ewing Purcell Andrews Hales
O'Flaherty Roeser, W. Scarsella Furton Olson, Jon Hughes
Sampson, C. Glass Nolan, A. Goldburg Wanzenberg McDonald
Hackett Faulkner Douthit Greenberg-Goldsmith J. Bornhoeft Elsman
Walker, O. Blunk Miller Harris Fichera Gulyas
Boyle, R. Walker, S. Budington, J. Sampson, M. O'Toole Morse
Balz Sauer, J. Snow Soble Bandari Mytty
Marino Cadden Voycey, S. Preda Wolff, K. Macika
Budington, D. Seifert, J. Fleewtood Fabes Seifert, M. Pauly
Chessen Hawkins Ochsenhirt Ouyang, S. Frucci Werth
Cusick Nelson Rabinowitz, Jayson Jones Shenton Banks
McCarrthy Morgan Rabinowitz, Joe Carroll Trukenbrod, C. Carlson
Chong Cheris, L. Sibell Levy Wolff, D. Hundley
Nolan, T. Enright Guryan Ellis Savino Olson, Jack
Trukenbrod, W. Bunge Baker Smith, E. Randle Redding
Kroeger Greenberg-Goldsmith, N. Lawrence Ouyang, C. Cannon Smale
Martin, J. Reinhard Radu Karp Reger Roeser, R.
Martin, G. Veenstra Ross Boyle, A. Duncan

Please remember to respect the 24 hour policy when contacting coaches about any roster decisions.

Tryout Jerseys must be turned in to Lapels Dry cleaners in Wilmette after your player's tryouts are complete. Tryout jerseys not returned to Lapels by Wednesday, 9/2 will incur a $50 replacement fee.

Thank You, Sponsors!

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Dream Source

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State Farm Insurance

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2020 - 2021 News

No news currently found.

NTHC Season Kick-Off Slideshow

2020-2021 season tryout info updated on 8/20

The New Trier Hockey Board and coaches take the health and safety of all of the players very seriously. The following procedures and policies are based on CDC guidelines, policies from other similar organizations and input from medical and legal professionals. While these procedures and policies have been put in place to do our best to maintain an environment where our players and coaches can participate in the sport they love as safely as possible, we can only, as an organization, attempt to mitigate risk – we cannot eliminate the risk associated with COVID-19. Ultimately, as always, the players, with the advice and consent of their families, choose to play at their own risk of sustaining injury and, now, of also contracting diseases like COVID-19. Players and families will choose to participate at their own risk. Please note that this is a fluid situation and thus our policies and procedures may change during the season.




  • No parents are allowed inside the rink – the tryouts are closed as they have been for many years.
  • All tryouts are at the Winnetka Ice Arena. The document below details Winnetka’s Phase 4 policies which we will adhere to. 
  • All coaches and volunteers will have a temperature check and be screened before each tryout.
  • Players must check in via the rink-designated door (see Winnetka guidelines doc) of the arena every night for temperature check and screening – all players must wear a face mask until they are getting on to the ice.
  • All players must bring their own water bottle with their name on it.
  • All non-goalie players are to dress at home with the exception of their skates:
    • Two locker rooms will be open for each tryout group for putting on skates only. Players may leave their belongings in that locker room. After the tryout is done, they will remove their skates in their locker rooms, with masks on and staying socially distant, for skate removal only. They will then exit the rink at the designated exit (see Winnetka guidelines doc).
    • Goalies do not have to come to the rink dressed – they will have a separate dressing area.
    • Returning players must bring both game jerseys to each tryout.
    • New players will get a tryout jersey that they will need to keep until the end of tryouts. Once a new player’s tryouts are complete, the practice jersey must be turned in to Lapels Dry Cleaners, 819 Ridge Rd. The NTHC will pay for the cleaning and retrieve the jerseys from Lapels. If a tryout jersey is not returned to Lapels cleaners by Wednesday, Sep. 2nd or there will be a $50 replacement charge.
  • If your son has a fever of 100.4 or higher when they arrive at the arena, or if they do not pass the screening, you will be contacted to come collect him. They will wait separately from the rest of the players with a mask on until you arrive.
  • If your son feels sick at any time during the tryout process, they must tell a coach immediately. Please reassure your player that the coaches will contact you to discuss when he can return. We all need to make sure that our players feel that it is best to tell someone instead of trying to “play through” the discomfort or any symptoms. The coaches will err on the side of caution and expect all of the players and families will do the same.
  • While the symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, aches, chills, headache, sore throat or a loss of taste and/or smell) can all be symptoms of a cold, or allergies, the risk to the community is great enough that we encourage you to keep them home. If this is the case, please reach out to Bob Melton and Michelle Paul. Again, NTHC will work with you on when your player can return and all information will be kept confidential.
  • Historically, the club has held a mandatory all-club meeting on the morning of the first day of tryouts. Since the all-club meeting will not be held this Saturday, the slide show, tryout groups, and tryout times will be posted on the NTHC web site home page on Friday evening.
  • Every night following the last tryout skate, the tryout groups for and times for the next day will be posted on the NTHC web site. After the weekend, do not expect your skater to skate every night.
  • Starting on Sunday night, team selections will be posted along with the next tryout groups and the Green team will be the first team announced. 


For the regular season:


  • Once practices start, the temperature check and screening will be done at home by a parent. Before each practice, SportsEngine will send an email to each family which will collect the player’s current temperature and the answers to the screening questions. If a player’s temperature is 100.4 or higher, or if the screening questions are not passed, the player must stay home from practice. A coach from the player’s team will contact the family to discuss return to play.
  • If your son feels sick while on the ice they must tell a coach immediately. Please reassure your player that the coaches will contact you to discuss when he can return. We all need to make sure that our players feel that it is best to tell someone instead of trying to “play through” the discomfort. The coaches will err on the side of caution and expect all of the players and families will do the same.
  • Also, if your son was not feeling well during the day of a tryout, but seems better by practice, please also practice caution. While the symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, aches, chills, headache, sore throat or a loss of taste and/or smell) can all be symptoms of a cold, or allergies, the risk to the community is great enough that we encourage you to keep them home. If this is the case, please reach out to Bob Melton and Michelle Paul. Again, NTHC will work with you on when your player can return and all information will be kept confidential.
  • If your player tests positive for COVID-19, the following are the minimum conditions that must be met before he can return to the ice:
    • You should email your player’s head coach and Michelle Paul, Registrar – all information will be kept confidential.
    • He must wait at least 10 days from the first sign of symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, aches, chills, headache, sore throat or a loss of taste and/or smell) AND
    • He must be free of fever for 24 hours without any fever reducing medication AND
    • He must provide a note from his physician or a healthcare professional stating it is safe for him to return to the ice
  • If a family member or a person in close contact with your player tests positive:
    • You should email your player’s head coach and Michelle Paul, Registrar – all information will be kept confidential.
    • Your player should stay home for 14 days and watch for symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, aches, chills, headache, sore throat or a loss of taste and/or smell)
    • You are encouraged to take your player to a medical professional for additional guidance
  • If a teammate tests positive:
    • You will be notified that a case has been found on your team. All personal information will be kept confidential. You will be advised further depending on the situation but it is always recommended that you watch for symptoms in your player.
  • These return to ice policies are subject to change.
  • For this season, in addition to practice jerseys being provided to each player, they will also receive practice pinneys (for line changes throughout the season) and individual water bottles that they will need to label with their name and jersey number. There will be no swapping of jerseys or sharing of water bottles.
  • Again, while we will attempt to create a safe environment for players and coaches, each family must understand the risks and uncertainty we are all faced with and then decide if they are comfortable participating in the sport of hockey.


Non-COVID Season Info:


  • The Club is working closely with USA Hockey, AHAI, the leagues, and the rinks to get league play going as soon as possible. In the meantime, the coaches are working on ways to ensure that the players have fun, are challenged and will be ready to be competitive as soon as league play is permitted.
  • Our regular “non-ice” events such as Picture Night and Bear Necessities are still under consideration. We will provide you with updates as we determine how we may undertake these activities.
  • Upon selection and placement to a team, all players will have paid both a tryout fee and the first installment of the annual player fees. Given the likely changes throughout the year, NTHC will consider what adjustments, if any, may be appropriate to remaining player fees. However, all players and parents are notified that with the start of the season, NTHC will have financial obligations to satisfy.
  • Similarly, given the fluidity of the season, each team’s schedules will be subject to change according to their league’s agenda. We will do our best to keep ice times consistent for each team and to post schedules in a timely fashion. However, we will have to remain flexible to accommodate changes as they arise.


The New Trier Hockey Club is looking forward to the season, no matter what shape it may take! 


Questions? Email Michelle Paul, Registrar.



NTHC 2019-2020 Program Book

The Heart of the Team Award

The Heart of the Team Award. This award was established to honor Ellery Stern, a New Trier Hockey Player who tragically lost his life in a car accident. It is designed to recognize a senior who stands out as an example of dedication, motivation, desire, and courage. This senior leads by example, pushing his teammates to be the best on the ice as well as in the classroom and in life. The Heart of the Team Award recipients for the 2019-20 season is Trevor Jones .


  • Trevor Jones

The Bill Saunders Memorial Award

The Bill Saunders Memorial Award. This award was established in 1991 to honor the memory of Bill Saunders. Bill loved hockey and devoted countless hours to the New Trier Hockey Club.  This player demonstrates strong leadership and achievement both on and off the ice. He’s committed not only to his team but also to the New Trier Hockey Club and his school. The recipient of this award exemplifies good sportsmanship and respects his teammates. The recipients of the Bill Saunders Memorial Award for the 2019-20 season are Brian Dolby and Will Free.

  • Brian Dolby
  • Will Free

The Dr. Richard Renn Scholastic and Academic Excellence Award

The Dr. Richard Renn Scholastic and Academic Excellence Award. Dr. Richard Renn was one of many founders of the Winnetka and New Trier Hockey Club programs. He was very involved, not only in the successful development of these programs, but also in the health and safety of the individual players. This award was established in recognition of his commitment to the New Trier Hockey Club, and is given to the senior who has earned the highest academic achievement while at New Trier High School. The recipient of the Dr.Richard Renn Scholastic and Academic Excellence Award for the 2019-20 is, Teddy Hines.

  • Teddy Hines


Today the Club honored its Seniors by posting their Senior photos on the wall at Winnetka Ice Arena. Special thanks to Melinda Baldwin for designing and creating the posters and to Jackie Kadin & Betsy Lewis for helping her put them up!



New Trier Green Varsity won the SHL with a 7-1 Victory over St. Viator on February 27.   On February 23, Blue Varsity won the IHSHL Champions League Playoffs.  And Gray Varsity won their IHSHL Varsity Gold league championship on Sunday, February 23, with a 2-1 over Leyden.  Congratulations to all three Champion Teams!  Onto the State Playoffs!


AHAI announced that New Trier seniors Brian Dolby and Magnus Sivertson and juniors Charlie Acri, John Babnik and Preston Watt were selected to the All-State team.  Congratulations, players, for that terrific achievement!  Link:


Congratulations to these New Trier Green Players and to Coach Bob Melton for being designated All-Stars by the Scholastic Hockey League (SHL):

Player of the Year: Brian Dolby 

1st TEAM FORWARD: Charlie Acri 

1st TEAM DEFENSE: Brian Dolby 

2nd TEAM GOALIE: Preston Watt 

Coach of the Year: Bob Melton 



On January 11th the White team came together to support Bernies's Book Bank in their mission to support communities in need. Players each donated bags of books and spent the morning organizing and packing books that were sent to at-risk children in the Chicagoland area.


Shortly before Christmas, the Grey team adopted a family from Northwest Settlement House. The family included a single mom and 4 children, two boys, 12 and 8 and two girls , 6 and 4. They bought board games, art supplies, playing cards, lots of clothes and shoes. They were excited to find a ‘Baby Alive’ for the youngest daughter! They also got sheets, towels and house supplies for the mom. Then they wrapped and labeled all the gifts while enjoying pizza and football! 


New Trier Gray has chosen to serve  breakfast monthly at A Just Harvest soup kitchen in Rogers Park. Roughly 200 people are served meals daily, 7 days a week. Each month four Gray players provide a hot meal for children and adults. It's a humbling experience for the players to cook and serve meals to people from all walks of life, who are confronted with the choice between paying the rent, putting food on the table or paying for medication. Congratulations to the Gray Team and Alison Walker for serving this organization.  For more info:


New Trier Junior Varsity Hockey team and The Winnetka Schools collected 763 pounds of Halloween candy which were donated to McClellan Orthodontic’s Annual Halloween Candy Drive. McClellan will be donating $1,525 to Lurie Children’s Hospital in honor of the winning team. and WE WON.  Lurie will be presented a check at their annual Winter Wishes party.  It is All for the Kids!  

Big thank you to New Trier JV Hockey for collecting and transporting the candy.

Team Selections 2019-2020

Congratulations to Players selected for our 2019-2020 Teams.  Team Rosters have been moved to the page marked "Boys Teams".


Highlights from the 2018-2019 Season!

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Congratulations New Trier Green!!!

Green Players Have Successful Run at Showcase

New Trier Green players Mark Ashmore, Tommy Kempf and Bobby Soudan represented Team Illinois in America's Showcase.

The New Trier combination was the top scoring line on the Illinois team and Bobby Soudan was awarded Most Outstanding Forward of the tournament.


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Alex Pegler Memorial

Highlights from the State Championship!

Thank You Sponsors!

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125 Warm Coats Donated to Chicagoland Families

As part of our yearly tradition, New Trier Hockey Club collected gently used coats during the holiday season through the One Warm Coat drive. This year we were able to donate 125 coats to Cornerstone Community Outreach in Chicago, which is committed to providing shelter and finding homes for families and individuals who are at the greatest risk of being excluded from necessary services.

Thank you to all New Trier family and friends who contributed!

Quadheader Raises Over $15,000 for Misericordia

New Trier Hockey player Cray Taylor and Loyola player Patrick Weimer present a check to Misericordia.

Proud of all the players from New Trier Hockey Club & Loyola Academy Hockey Club for raising over $15,000 for Misericordia Heart of Mercy at the annual Quadheader.

“It’s a great cause,” said New Trier Green head coach Bob Melton. “Any time we can raise money for something like Misericordia it’s terrific".

Misericordia supports children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and is located in Chicago.

Thank you to all for supporting a great organization.

New Trier Hockey Swag!!!


Please Help New Trier Hockey Fight Pediatric Cancer on September 29! Look for us at local merchants or DONATE NOW...

2017-2018 New Trier Hockey Season

Click Image to View Video

Illinois All State Team Selections - John Robinson, Connor Baldwin and Bobby Soudan

Champions of Chicago Blackhawk Charities Holiday Hockey Classic with win over Stevenson 6-2



2016-2017 New Trier Hockey Season

Highlights from the 2016-2017 NT Hockey Banquet

See the link below to access the video highlights shown at the banquet.

Congratulations to NT Green for winning the Illinois State Championship!

NT Green beat Providence Friday night in front of a record breaking crowd of 11,192 people with a score of 4-2.

It was a remarkable season for Green who won the Nike Bauer Invitational Tournament, the Chicago Showcase, the Loyola Thanksgiving Tournament, the Hoosier Cup, the SHL President's Cup and finally the State Championship.

"With a 67-9 overall record and no losses to any Illinois team, this will go down as one of the best seasons ever for an Illinois hockey team." - Brad Burton, team manager.

Congratulations to all of our graduating Seniors!

Seniors on Sleds a huge success!

Last Sunday, March 19th, the New Trier Boys and Girls Hockey Clubs hosted an inaugural exhibition sled hockey game at the North Shore Ice Arena to raise awareness and funds for the Great Lakes Adaptive Sport Association (GLASA).   New Trier Hockey’s seniors and the GLASA Falcons players entertained the fans with their spirited play and athleticism.  After the game, many New Trier players talked about how much fun it was to play sled hockey, and how hard it was compared to their more familiar game.  Those in attendance were impressed with GLASA’s mission and the wide-ranging programs it offers for disabled athletes.  (Please visit for more information about this incredible organization.)  The family-oriented fundraiser, which included Blackhawk Alumni, Chuck-A-Puck contest, Silent Auction, Raffle & Bake Sale, raised $8400 for GLASA and created lasting memories for all participants. 

The success of this event would have been possible without the enthusiastic attendance of our fans and families, the help of our many volunteers, and the support of our generous sponsors: Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Blackhawk Alumni, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Wilmette Bike Shop, @properties, Lou Malnati’s, Stormy’s Tavern and Grille, The Grand Foods, Spynergy Cycling Studio, Creative Promotional Products, Smith Design Co., Eggemeyer and Graham Orthodontics, Oak Technical Sales, Face Forward Medical Spa, and the Baillos, Graves, Marshall, Melgard, Mulhern, Pavlopoulos, Peter Raith, Snow, Solberg, Talbot, Tragos and Womsley families.  Thank you!

Thank you also to the staff at GLASA, and the GLASA Falcons players, for making this event possible and showcasing the amazing sport of sled hockey!


Taylor Munson and Tommy Cahill named to Blackhawks Alumni All Star Team


NTHC Raises $16,500 to Support Fight Against Pediatric Cancer

In what has become a Homecoming weekend tradition, New Trier hockey players once again joined forces with the local communities in the fight against pediatric cancer.  On Saturday, October 15th, players from the boys’ and girls’ teams spread out in Winnetka, Glencoe, Wilmette and Northfield to collect donations for the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation.  Established in 1992 and named in memory of eight-year-old Barrett "Bear" Krupa, who died after a courageous five and a half year battle with Wilms Tumor, the Foundation’s mission is to eliminate pediatric cancer and to provide hope and support to those who are touched by it.  Through its “Bear Discoveries” and “Bear Hugs” programs, the Foundation funds cutting-edge research and provides for the immediate needs of the children and families battling the disease. 

New Trier Hockey’s efforts on October 15th, combined with an online challenge (won by the Blue Team!), raised a remarkable total of $16,500, which easily surpassed last year’s record total.  One hundred percent of the money collected went directly to Bear Necessities and will be used to brighten the lives of Chicago area pediatric cancer patients and to provide essential support for their families. 

As in prior years, the success of this year’s fundraising event would not have been possible without the generous support of residents in the New Trier communities, players’ families and friends, and the following local businesses where players collected donations on October 15th:  Dunkin Donuts in Glencoe, the Wilmette French Market, the Grand Food Centers in Winnetka and Glencoe, No Man’s Land Pizza & Grill in Wilmette, Once Upon a Bagel, Panera Bread in Wilmette, Ridgeview Grill, Starbucks in Winnetka, Glencoe and Wilmette, Three Tarts Bakery and Café, and Walker Bros. Original Pancake House in Wilmette.  Please remember to support those who support the Club and its philanthropic activities!


The New Trier Hockey Club provides student-athletes with opportunities to participate at the highest level of high school hockey in an environment which promotes development of skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, and competitiveness, while recognizing a commitment to academic success.

NTHC Policies and Procedures Resources

The New Trier Hockey Club has a Policies and Procedures tab on the website to give you year round access to this valuable information, and to keep you up to date on improvements.

Also available for you easy access is the NTHC social media policy.  This policy encompasses all of the NTHC community (coaches, players, parents and board members) and make us one of the most progressive programs in the state in this regard.  Click Here to learn more!

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