Player Code of Conduct

In accordance with the bylaws of the New Trier Hockey Club (“NTHC”), each player, and parent of a player, as members of the NTHC, agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct as a prerequisite to participation in the hockey program. All directors, coaches, and other officials are instructed to carry out the enforcement of the Code of Conduct.



The NTHC is dedicated to interscholastic athletics as a vital component of a New Trier High School (NTHS) education. Athletics will be a positive learning experience for our players if they recognize that they may achieve their highest personal and athletic potential only by embracing a lifestyle dedicated to competition, integrity and self-discipline. In addition, selection to a team is both an honor and a privilege, and as such carries responsibilities commensurate with leadership roles. As leaders, and as very visible representatives of New Trier and its teams, athletes have the obligation to represent themselves in an exemplary manner, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Failure to comply will lead to consequences and ultimately to dismissal from the NTHC.

Participants in the New Trier Hockey Club's program have a responsibility to adhere to the policies established by the New Trier Hockey Club, the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (AHAI) and USA Hockey. We also generally support New Trier High School's enforcement of it's academic standards and rules of behavior, but reserve the ability to review, evaluate and respond on a case by case basis.


The NTHC’s teams are not affiliated with or governed by New Trier High School, District 203 or the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). The NTHC has decided, however, to generally support the IHSA minimum academic requirements* and the Code of Conduct outlined in the New Trier Athletic Handbook (“Handbook”), a copy of which can be viewed here. In the event of an inconsistency between the Handbook and the Code of Conduct, the application of terms may be reviewed and/or imposed by the NTHC in its absolute discretion.

Players and their parents are urged to read the Handbook carefully and the Code of Conduct on the New Trier Hockey website.

The NTHC and/or its coaches may implement rules that are more restrictive than those described herein or in the Handbook in its discretion.

There is no differentiation of consequences for in-season or out-of-season participation, and a penalty may carry over from season to season and/or year to year. 


As a student-athlete and member of the New Trier community, I recognize that I have a responsibility to conduct myself in a manner that represents me, my family, my team, my school and my community with dignity. I further understand that actions I choose to commit which negatively impact myself, family, team, school or community are grounds for consequences, up to and including dismissal from the team and the NTHC program. I understand that the NTHC Code of Conduct applies twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year - throughout my entire career in the New Trier Hockey Club.

I understand that I will be subject to discipline if I commit any of the following actions:

Use, possession, sale or transfer of alcohol

Use, possession, sale or transfer of a controlled or illegal substance (including, but not limited to, mood-altering drugs and performance enhancing substances)

Use, possession, sale or transfer of tobacco or vaporizer products

Use, possession, sale or transfer of weapons, drug paraphernalia, syringes, or similar types of paraphernalia

Use of any electronic media device and/or any website or other similar forum to make disparaging comments towards other teams, players, parents, or members of any organization will not be tolerated. This is inclusive of, but not limited, to Facebook, Twitter, internet blogs, email, and texting.

Hosting or organizing a gathering or providing a venue where minors and any of the above referenced prohibited substances or equipment are present.

Violations of academic integrity as determined by NTHS.

Violations of major school and club policies (including, but not limited, to fighting, assault, battery, vandalism, theft, harassment, hazing and acts of gross disobedience) as well as any conduct that results in a NTHS suspension.

Repeated acts of unsportsmanlike conduct during or surrounding games, practices and team events, such as cheating, fighting, or abuse of officials, other players, coaches or spectators

Falsification of any signatures on NTHC registration forms

Withdrawing from or quitting a NTHC team without prior written approval

Alteration to the standard New Trier Hockey Club team uniform (including, but not limited to, the purchase of an alternative jersey, shell, helmet, etc.).



1st offense: Suspension for up to 25% of the season’s games and (if applicable) removal from Captain status 

2nd offense: Dismissal from the NTHC program for one calendar year

3rd offense: Permanent dismissal from the NTHC program

To clarify, in the case of a suspension, the player will not be allowed to participate in the next game(s), whether it is a league game, practice game or tournament game, and the player will not be able to participate in practices during that period.

The NTHC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to adjust the length of any penalty (if any) assessed under this Code of Conduct based on the best interests of the player and the New Trier Hockey Club. 

Under certain circumstances, players in violation of the Code of Conduct for alcohol or substance abuse may be offered the option to participate in a recognized, community-based substance abuse education program. If a player chooses to enroll in such a program, their suspension may be lessened. Participation in these programs will not be grounds for reinstatement of leadership positions. Participation in these programs is voluntary and at the player’s sole expense.

Players suspended from school by the Dean’s Office may be directed to NOT participate in practices or games while on suspension. Additional consequences imposed by the NTHC will begin after completion of the Dean’s suspension.  

Players serving an NTHC suspension for either a first or second offense at the time of the NTHC’s fall tryouts will be allowed to tryout but must then continue to serve the remaining balance of their punishment during the new season. A player serving a Dean’s suspension (i.e. is suspended from school) at the time of tryouts may NOT tryout but may be placed on a team according to the NTHC’s policies for accommodating players who are unable to tryout due to injury or illness.

Players will receive written notice of any Code of Conduct penalty assessed by the NTHC. They will be expected to confirm receipt of this notice by signing and returning a copy. 

In the event that a member of a NTHC team withdraws from or quits a team without prior written approval from their Head Coach, Team Manager and the NTHC President (or his/her designee), the player will forfeit indefinitely their eligibility to participate with future NTHC teams and in alumni activities. Each situation will be reviewed by the Rules & Ethics Committee with input from the Player’s Head Coach and the Team’s Manager.

Players who are suspended or dismissed from the NTHC with respect to a violation of the NTHC Athletic Code will NOT be entitled to any refund or any reduction in fees. The full amount of any outstanding season fees must be paid – regardless of any suspension or dismissal.

IF YOU TURN YOURSELF IN: Voluntary admission of a first offense Code of Conduct violation related to alcohol and/or drugs, will not result in any loss of playing time. The consequence will be a mandatory meeting with the NTHC Rules & Ethics Committee and the player’s parents. The purpose of this provision is to provide help for the player. A specific plan for providing counseling, community service or other forms of assistance will be designed as a cooperative result of this meeting. Voluntary admission must occur prior to any NTHC personnel, school personnel, or police being aware of the incident and that player’s involvement. Players will only be excused from penalty based on a voluntary admission on one occasion.

Right of Appeal: The player has a right to appeal a decision. This would be an opportunity to present extenuating circumstance that she/he believes should affect the consequences that have been administered. The NTHC President will appoint the review committee if an appeal is made. This committee will consist of an NTHC Board member, a coach, and a parent not serving on the Board. Members of the Appeal Committee may not be associated with the player’s team. The request for an appeal hearing must be made in writing to the NTHC President within three days following the initial decision.



Agreement and Affirmation by Player and Each Parent

As a Player/Parent, I have read the foregoing Code of Conduct and agree to be bound thereby and understand the responsibilities and consequences if I fail to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

*Parents and players are responsible to review the NTHC website for any changes to the Code of Conduct which may occur from time to time.

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